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Seeker Lyocell Shirt Black

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Lyocell T-Shirt - The perfect shirt for outdoor sports, hiking, biking, jogging and of course, for your everyday life.


  • 33% organic cotton & 67% Lyocell
  • Developed and designed in Switzerland
  • Made in Portugal
  • The fit of the product remains permanently stable.
  • Fit: Adventure - size chart here

    Here are the most important features of our new product:
  • Lyocell is an industrially but ecologically produced fabric made from wood; specifically from cellulose of the eucalyptus tree. Thanks to the recovery of water during Lyocell production, only one-twentieth of the water usually required by cotton manufacturing is needed.
  • Moisture is transported, so the fabric does not feel wet despite sweating.
  • Designed with a longer seam on the backside of the shirt for easy carrying comfort when wearing a backpack.
  • Cooling effect in summer and keeps you warm in winter.
  • The silky quality of the Lyocell feels soft and smooth, making it extra comfortable to wear.
  • The production is environmentally friendly thanks to the organic solvent being biodegradable.
  • More details about Lyocell ready for you in our blog.

    (Product no. 4.206)

    Delivery time: Max. 5 working days after receipt of payment.

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