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New Products - New Fits

New products - new fits

Our product designs are inspired by our experiences in nature and to provide every day comfort. Jannis – co founder, creative director and product developer – is always looking to enhance our product lines in a way that increases function and comfort. He listened to our community feedback and optimised our fits. Here´s all you need to know.



We created the Base Fit as a result of your feedback. We heard you would have liked T-Shirts that would be slightly more fitted. So the Base Fit has the same length as the Relax Fit but we tailored it in across the chest to create a snugger fit. Also made of carbonised organic cotton, you’ll have instant comfort and lasting durability from your first wear to your last wash.

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The Relax Fit design is your standard go-to Whatever Man t-shirt. You’ll recognise our Relax Fit from our last collections – they're a little wider cut with plenty of space and comfort for adventures or your every day life – also made of carbonised organic cotton.

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It’s in the name – this fit is made for adventures. You’ll find all our lyocell products in Adventure Fit, making sure you’re all set wherever your next journey takes you – or even day to day. The cut of the shirt is a bit more tailored compared to the Base Fit, both in length and width - and it´s taken in at the shoulders. A special feature of the Adventure Fit is the slightly longer, curved back of the t-shirt which makes wearing a backpack even more comfortable – no more hiked up T-Shirts!

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So there you have it: a short Whatever Man fit guide to help you pick out your next favourite items whether you’re going for functionality, lifestyle, or adventure. Whatever you go with, you know you’ll be looking fresh and feeling comfortable! Size charts are below and our web store will always inform you which product has which fit. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch – your Whatever Man Team is always here for you!