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Who We Are


Whatever Man Lifestyle was born from an unforgettable experience on a trip to North America. More specifically, in the famous resort of Whistler, Canada. During our stay there, long-lasting friendships were formed and memories of exciting adventures were made. Snowboarding, skiing, travelling, parties and much more shaped our time there and laid the foundation for the Whatever Man - Lifestyle we want to share with you every day.

Live it. Wear it. Share it.

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Nachhaltige Entwicklung


Organic cotton: The materials used are produced sustainably and wherever possible, organic materials are used. Organic cotton requires no harmful chemicals in production and needs less water to grow. Small creatures have more living space, which in turn improves the quality of the soil where the cotton is grown. The materials used correspond to level 3 of the SteP certification by OEKO-Tex.



Developed and designed in Switzerland: Our designs are born in the heart of Switzerland - in Lucerne. Our different design ideas are put on paper and critically examined before coming to life. We make sure to carefully decide what designs fit to our lifestyle and represent our community. We cultivate the closeness to our communities, so that the Whatever Man lifestyle can be passed on to the next circle of friends, and on to the next, and the next.



Made in Portugal: All our clothing is made in Portugal with fair and controllable production environments. Both the materials and production methods used meet the third (and highest level) of STeP certification from OEKO-Tex. This means that the social responsibility standards as well as the health and safety measures comply with the EU - defined conventions. We are aming to also produce our accessories and headwear in Europe in the future.

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UELI SCHMIDLI - Marketing & Sales

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What does Whatever Man mean to you? Life. Living the lifestyle and working with likeminded people. This is fulfilling and means incredibly much to me.
Your favourite quote?
“Only a dead fish goes with the flow.”
What inspires you in life?
To be in the mountains with good company... maybe including waking up in a sleeping bag next to your closest people.
Favourite Whatever Man Adventure? The trip of a Lifetime with Twista Cru, Snowboarding and Roadtrippin through North America. Meeting new people, going snowboarding a lot and just living life to the fullest. What I experienced on this trip I will never forget, incredible! Thanks Twista Cru <3
Favourite Tune?
Rüfüs Du Sol – Alive

JANNIS GEISSELER - Creative Direction & Product Development

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What does whatever man mean to you? It's a very intense hobby! For me it Whatever Man Lifestyle means spending good times with good people and having unforgettable adventures together... And these adventures become the biggest inspirations for my work at Whatever Man.
Favourite Whatever Man Adventure? Definitely the trip through America and Canada with all my best friends where the foundation for Whatever Man Lifestyle was laid. Wild, free and thirsty for beers. It was an incredible time and maybe the best of my life so far.
You ride your: gravel bike in the summer and when it gets dirty my mountain bike. In the winter I ride my splitboard away from the overcrowded ski resorts. Yes, we earn our turn!
Favourite Tune? The choice is endless but “What It's Like” by Everlast and “Worst Comes To Worst” by Dilated Peoples have probably been my most loyal companions through the years.
Most beautiful place you’ve been? Somewhere in nature in a sleeping bag under the night sky.
One day I would like to be?
Back in New Zealand or Alaska to experience the endless wild nature.... maybe with my own family and the little ones.
Your favourite quote? “Our lives have become digital. Our friends, now virtual. And anything you could ever wanna know is just a click away. Experiencing the world through secondhand information isn't enough. If we want authenticity, we have to initiate it. We will never know our full potential unless we push ourselves to find it. It's this self-discovery that inevitably takes us to the wildest places on earth.” Thanks Travis Rice for these words.

MICHA KUNZ - Management & Finance

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What does Whatever Man mean to you? Whatever Man – Lifestyle has moved to the center of my life. Firstly, by living the lifestyle every day to it’s fullest & secondly, by founding and building a company around it (which is f.. way harder than the first point).
Your Whatever Man must-have item?
No way to pick only one item. The Logo Hoodie – a must have for home office & Sunday evenings, Lyocell Shirts – for outdoors & traveling and our special edition White beanie – made for apres ski Apreski.
What inspires you in life?
Powder pillows on the mountain & flying to Las Vegas.
Favourite Whatever Man Adventure?
There’s many but one of them truly goes back to the birth of the brand – our time spent in North America.
You ride your:
Snow - & Surfboard
Most beautiful place you’ve been?
Las Vegas, Mountains, Vancouver Island
What drives you crazy?
Not letting me do what I want

Cyrill - Financial & Organisational Support

Lifestyle Activities: Im Sommer mit dem Mountainbike oder zu Fuss mit Rucksack und Zelt - im Winter mit den Tourenskis – Hauptsache draussen!
Why Whatever Man?
Familiensache = Ehrensache?! Sowieso helfen die Kleider, die Leute und der Lifestyle den Kontakt zu den Wurzeln nicht zu verlieren.

Sibylle - Store Manager & Distribution

Lifestyle Activities: Beim Wandern in den Schweizer Bergen neue Orte erkunden und so Energie für den Alltag tanken. Im Winter trifft man mich ab und zu beim Snowboarden oder Skifahren.
Why Whatever Man?
Nachhaltigkeit ist ein wichtiger Wert für unsere Zukunft und deshalb liegt mir Whatever Man sehr am Herzen. Lokal entwickelt, fair produziert, hoher Tragekonform sowie die schönen Designs sind weitere tolle Eigenschaften und machen mich zu einem Whatever Man Fan

Lena - Event & Marketing Support

Lifestyle Activities: Ich liebe es, Rennvelo zu fahren und die Natur dadurch zu erkunden. Yoga bringt mir sehr viel Ruhe und Ausgeglichenheit. Im Sommer einen Schwum im kalten Wasser ist das Beste um einen kühlen Kopf zu bewahren.
Why Whatever Man?
Bequeme Kleider, die ein Community Gefühl vermitteln und dazu noch nachhaltig und fair produziert wurden, was will man mehr?!

Adele - Sales & Marketing Support

Lifestyle Activities: Alles draussen in der Natur, was mich aus meiner Komfortzone herausholt und gut für meine Seele ist. Snowboarden, Wandern, MTB, Yoga, Lake Time... & ich lerne gerade skaten & surfen.
Why Whatever Man?
Diese Jungs haben es einfach richtig gemacht. Ihre Produkte, ihre Werte, die Community, die sie aufgebaut haben ... ihre Einstellung zum Leben. Es ist so viel mehr als eine weitere Clothing-Brand - es ist der Whatever Man - Lifestyle. You gotta live it, wear it, share it ;)