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Along our journeys we’ve made genuine connections with some pretty special people who live, wear and share the Whatever Man lifestyle. You might call them brand ambassadors, we call them family. Get to know our community.

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Lifestyle Activities: Hiking, snowboarding, photography, cinematography
Home Resort:
Sörenberg & Mythenregion
Why Whatever Man?
I love to see the passionate people behind the bran and the quality and style of the products really matches my needs.
Favourite Whatever Man adventure?
For the most part, I'm on solo missions, so I'm still looking forward to discover something new very soon with the team ;)
What should our community know about you?
I’m also founder of @earnyourmagicmoment



Lifestyle Activities: Adventurer, skitouring, hiking, photography, van-life
Home Resort:
Originally, I come from Ruswil & now I live in Bern. Whenever the wanderlust strikes me (which is most of the times), I enjoy exploring new places with my van.
Why Whatever Man?
It's the lifestyle that appeals to me. I live it, I wear it so I share it.
Favourite Whatever Man adventure?
Part of the many adventures is definitely my journey to the north with my van. "Friluftsliv" at its best. However, I would bore you if I told you about all the great Whatever Man adventures. It's much better if you come along and experience it with me.
What should our community know about you?
Why not Whatever Woman?

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Jann Spichtig

Lifestyle Activities: Vanlife, Biking, Skiing & simply enjoying nature
Home Resort:
Why Whatever Man?
Why not? Sustainable, local clothing that give you great style with simple colours and design.
Favourite Whatever Man adventure?
That one will definitely start soon...!
What should our community know about you?
Marble stone and iron break may break but my carbon frame doesn't!

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Johanna Holmstedt

Lifestyle Activities: Snowboarding, Splitboarding, Hiking, Wakesurfing, Traveling, Biking.

Home Resort:
Before I ended up in beautiful Switzerland and Laax, where I've spent the last five winter seasons, it was Breckenridge in Colorado for two seasons. And back home in Sweden it used to be Kläppen.

Why Whatever Man:
The humans behind Whatever Man made it very easy to want to be a part of this community. I love their vibe, their products and the thought behind them. And seeing how everyone comes together for the love of sports, nature and each other, it just hits home for me. They're a part of making this world a lovelier place to live in.

What should our community know about you?
I love humans and I love spending time in the mountains. Combine those two together and you get the happiest and truest version of me. Life is truly a gift and we're fools for not acting accordingly. Know your worth and be grateful for what you have.



Lifestyle Activities: Freeski & mountainbiking
Home Resort:
Brienzer Rothorn Sörenberg
Why Whatever Man?
Good people, cool style and super comfortable
Favourite Whatever Man adventure? Every Whatever Man adventure is a memory!
What should our community know about you?
I am what I am.



Lifestyle Activities: Freeski, skateboarding, biking, surfing
Home Resort:
Mythenpark and Üri Mountains
Why Whatever Man?
Amazing community, high quality products, fresh style and great mindsets
Favourite Whatever Man adventure?
Skiing and Partying at the Mythenclosing event 2022



Lifestyle Activities: Photography & filmography, freeriding, mountaineering, biking
Home Resort:
Engelberg, Obwalden.
Why Whatever Man?
Whatever Man embodies for me a lifestyle that I live by. The mountains are a giant playground for me, where I use different tools, depending on the conditions, to have the best time in the great outdoors. Whether it's skiing big lines, biking technical trails, or just taking in the breathtaking views when I'm standing on a summit. This is exactly how I live Whatever Man - in that flow state where my entire focus is in the moment and everything else just fades out.
Favourite Whatever Man adventure?
This was probably in the summer of 2021. We woke up in a Tree-tent on Pilatus, and watched the sunrise. Then we went directly to Marbachegg, where we spent the whole day in the bike-park. On the way home we sunbathed on Glaubenberg before we went SUP-ing to cool off in the Sarnersee just in time for sunset. A great day full of adventures.
What should our community know about you?
If I don't wave back at you, it's probably because I'm not wearing my glasses.

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Vinny Mattes

Lifestyle Activities: Biken, Hiking, Vanlife, Camping
Home Resort:
Living on the Road - anywhere my car can make it & the trails are bikeable.
Favourite Whatever Man adventure?
Definitely the cycling trip from Switzerland to the North Cape. 3500km and 34 days of pure freedom and love for life.
What should our community know about you?
I'm a very spontaneous person who likes to meet new people and take part in every adventure!

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Noah Hadinata

Lifestyle Activities: Skateboarding, Freeskiing, Bouldering
Home Resort:
Mythenregion <3
What should our community know about you?
As an active shaper, in winter you can find me in the mountains at Mythenpark in the Mythenregion and in summer somewhere in a skatepark in Switzerland. I'm always up for an adventure, so hit me up ;) <3

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Selina Baud

Lifestyle Activities: Skiing, Photography, Filming, Camping, Surfing, Ice Bathing, and Traveling.
Home Resort:
Definitely Hasliberg, but you can find me all over Switzerland in the winter. I'm wherever the snow is good.
Why Whatever Man?
For me, Whatever Man is like a family, cool people pursuing their passions. Always looking for the next adventure, just like me.
Your best Whatever Man Adventure?
I remember many good freeride days this season, but the best was at Christmas when the whole crew was shredding on Hasliberg. There's nothing better than sharing the stoke and a few beers afterward.
What should our community know about you? I'm a passionate outdoor sports photographer and filmmaker, and I love sharing and documenting my experiences. I'm open to collaborations but also appreciate any support in my



Lifestyle Activities: Photography, snowboarding, bouldering, hiking, mountainbiking, camping
Home Resort:
In winter you’ll find me around Engelberg or Melchsee Frutt. But I’m always looking for new, more unknown places to go touring, hiking or camping. So if you know a cool place, hit me up.
Why Whatever Man?
I love how Whatever Man brings together people with the same mindset and passion for sports and being outdoors.
Favourite Whatever Man adventure?
There are definitely many. One of them was when I asked Ueli from Whatever Man if he knew a nice little hike for the sunset. He did! Together with my sister and my dog I hiked to the "Blaue Tosse", where we had a picnic, drank a beer and enjoyed the evening atmosphere.
What should our community know about you?
I have so much love for the people who support me and my work. I am happy about every little like, every nice word, every feedback. Don't be shy, hit me up and maybe we'll meet on the next adventure up in the mountains.

Twista Cru


Lifestyle Activities: Adventurers, snowboard, ski, apres-ski, Bike, touring, paragliding, hiking
Home Resorts:
Sörenberg, Laax, Mythenpark
Why Whatever Man?
It’s exactly our way of life.
Favourite Whatever Man adventure?
The North America road-trip with the whole gang from Whistler to Park City, Bear Mountain, Lake Tahoe. The end of the trip was celebrated in Las Vegas...!
What should our community know about you?
We are mostly known for our Instagram stories. ;)




Lifestyle Activities: Snowboarding, biking, photography
Home Resort:
For several years Sörenberg, now I'm on the road all over central Switzerland.
Why Whatever Man?
I mean, what else, man?! Big family, good people, insane product and big visions!
Favourite Whatever Man adventure?
Their clothes have already accompanied me to the most beautiful places in the world!
What should our community know about you?
Part time creative guy who loves action sports. If you need an El Tony Mate, call me 😊