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Community Mask Dark Grey

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Whatever Man Community Mask incl. incl. practical fabric pouch for storage.
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Put an end to disposable masks!

Our washable and reusable face mask consists of three layers. The inner and outer layers are made of a mixture of polyester and elastane, while an integrated filter is sewn into the inner layer. The filter is a fleece made of 100% polypropylene. This fleece is also used for medical purposes. As our masks are not suitable for hospital use, only the filter performance of our mask is certified. This certification guarantees that at least 70% (test result 93%) of all particles are filtered out.

  • Inner and outer layers 80% polyester / 20% elastane
  • Certified 9086/2020 citeve
  • Cord stopper and sewn-in plastic straps
  • Comfortable to wear and easy to put on without long & tedious adjustment
  • Fabric storage pouch supplied is made of 100% organic cotton
  • Developed and designed in Switzerland
  • Made in portugal.

    This mask is intended for private use only and is not suitable for medical purposes or as work protection. It does not protect you from infections, but protects the people around you.

    Due to hygiene regulations, masks cannot be returned or exchanged.

    For a more detailed description of our community masks, please go to the frequently asked questions: FAQ.

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